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In the world of storytelling, Elizabeth stands as a testament to the power of resilience and relentless faith. Her life’s narrative weaves through trials, heartaches, and the victorious reclamation of self. Through her journey of self-discovery and healing, she has become not only an accomplished author but also an inspirational speaker and expert storytelling coach.

Elizabeth’s books are a reflection of her indomitable spirit, sharing stories of personal transformation, healing, and the triumph of faith over life’s challenges. Her writing is a heartfelt testament to the strength and tenacity that resides within the human spirit.

Explore her works to embark on a journey of faith, healing, and the unwavering determination to overcome. Elizabeth’s words will touch your heart, inspire your soul, and lead you to discover your path to a miraculous life.

Fiercely Faithful

Be Inspired, Find True Purpose, and Live a Miraculous Life

This amazing Anthology shares the testimonies of fourteen authors sharing a time when their faith was tested. This book is based on the story found in scripture in Daniel 3:12-27. Fiercely Faithful: Be Inspired, Find True Purpose, and Live a Miraculous Life is an opportunity for each author to share a story of a time when God renewed their faith. Our mission is to encourage and inspire others to hold tight to their faith and trust in God just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did and in the end, they came through the fiery trial and didn’t even smell like smoke! We believe through faith we will overcome the challenges of 2020 we are currently living through and in the challenges ahead we will triumph through faith.

Beauty Rising from Brokenness

Journey Through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness Into Healing

Elizabeth shares the story of her humble beginnings and the events in her early childhood that began her brokenness. How stress effects you, even pre-birth, and how she chose not to let the brokenness define her. The questions and frustration of not knowing who her father was. How she ask and was rejected time and time again until she finally could not live with the lies any longer. When she finally confronted her mother with her need for answers the reaction was something she could not have imagined. After several major life changes and a move across the country the brokenness begins to effect her physical health. She is forced back into a stressful living environment and finally has to face the abuse and trauma she has suffered. She makes the hardest decision she could have to make. Another major move and the inability to continue living a lie, she comes close to a nervous breakdown. She has thirty plus years of anger and rage spewing on everyone and everything in her path. She finally seeks help to work through the brokenness. Year’s of toxic stress having taken their toll on her physical health. She shares with you the specific path to natural healing she took to regain her health. She encourages you to choose and walk your own path to healing physically. Year’s of stress and trauma cause her to believe all sorts of lies about who she is and why she’s here. She shares with you the path to mental healing and ways she replaced the lies she was told with the truth. You will be challenged to change your thoughts in order to change your life.

Depression is almost a given when your raised in a dysfunctional family. Getting control of your emotions is possibly one of the hardest parts of healing. She shares with you the range of emotions she felt and was acting upon. She shares her experience of being raised by narcissistic parents and the struggle to heal emotionally. Finally, she meets with family again and experiences the final blow she can take. As she begins to feel the depression and despair take over again she makes a bold choice, one that will help her finally find freedom. Free of the brokenness and able to step into her purpose, she is surprised by how sweet freedom really is.


Today I Choose Me

From Empty Nest to Full Throttle

Every day we wake up, we have choices to make. Do we go to workor do we stay home? Do we get up now or do we sleep in late? Do wetackle all the things on our agenda or do we take the top two items andcall it a win? Choices.Often times as women, when we make choices we think of everyoneelse but ourselves. We think about our spouse. We think about our children.We think about our friends. We think about our boss. We thinkabout our co-workers. The last person we take into consideration is us.“Today I Choose Me: From Empty Nest to Full Throttle” book collaborativeunveils the story of five women that one pivotal day made theirheroic choice to live a more balanced life, full throttle. They wanted tobe better. To serve others better as mother, friend, employer, orco-worker. But realizing in order to make that happen they had tochoose to be the best version of themselves. You may recognize yourselfin them.


Living Beyond the Bruises

It may seem impossible to move forward after facing the trials and tribulations in your life but, that is only an illusion. The I RISE: Living Beyond the Bruises Anthology was written by women who worked diligently to overcome insecurities, shame, identity crises, uncertainties and more. As you turn the pages of this book, you will gain hope and encouragement to overcome the obstacles you face. By choosing to show up in greatness, against all the odds, the brilliant and resilient co-authors of this collaboration has not only overcome their life obstacles but shifted the trajectory of their lives. Each of them decided to Live Beyond the Bruises and RISE… Are you ready to do the same?

Voices of the 21st Century

Women Who Influence, Inspire, and Make a Difference

30 Extraordinary Women Come Together to Celebrate a New Era

We are at a defining moment in history . . .

The world as we know it is shifting from a society based on a predominantly masculine model into a new era, one with women at the forefront as the leaders of the twenty-first century. Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

Behind each story is a woman bold and brave enough to have her voice be heard.

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