Top 10 List of my favorite products that help me survive Chronic Illness (Part 2)

Surviving Chronic Illness

Recumbent bike and Vibration Platform

There are many ways to survive chronic illness this is the rest of my mst haves list. I can’t stress how important exercise is! I know, I know! You hear this from your doctors every time you see them, I do too. Just last week I’m was in the Rheumatologist office and he said to lose the weight you want to lose riding a recumbent bike isn’t enough. Now I’ve studied and taught Nutrition and weight loss for almost 30 years and I know what it takes. I also know what I my body is capable of. The Rheumatologist actually said to me, ”You have to do pool exercise at the YMCA five days a week. I know it will take about 4 hours a day, but you don’t have a job!” What the heck! I do have a job, several to be specific! But I guess taking care of myself, running this business because it’s home-based, taking care of my family, and writing a book doesn’t count! Ugh!!! I know exercise is hard, but I promise if you start slow and build up it will help and it will make you feel better. I ordered a recumbent and Hurdle Vibration Platform from Amazon and I started with 5 minutes on each. I was more sore and tired at first, but I kept at it. At first, I did 3 days a week then added a day, then up to five days a week. Once I got up to 5 days a week I started adding a couple minutes to each until I was up to 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 20 minutes on the vibration platform. It’s easier because I’m home if I have a bad day I don’t exercise that day and add a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The Vibration platform loosens up my muscles, helps with circulation, and helps with lymphatic fluid circulation. Give it a try, I promise it will be worth it!!  Surviving Chronic Illness (Part 1)

Two drawer file cabinet on wheels 

This one may only apply to me, but running a home business or even taking care of your family finances a two drawer file cabinet on wheels is a must have! It is so easy to work from where ever I’m at; my recliner, couch, bed, kitchen table, it rolls easily right with me and I have everything I need in it. Even if you don’t run a home business or do the family finances, think of all the other ways you could use one…crafts, writing materials, rolling bookcase, the options are endless. When I travel to visit my daughters I have a traveling version…a carry-on suitcase with wheels. It works great, I have everything I need and I roll it around my daughter’s house to wherever I need it, my son-in-law sees me coming down the hall from the bedroom to the living-room with it in tow and says”here she comes with her mobile office.”. LOL

Compression pants, braces, hose

I honestly don’t know how I’m would get through the day without compression, much less the night. I wear Tommy Copper Compression Leggings all the time. They help with my achy muscles, hurting back, joint pain, you name it. I also have different compression bands, sleeves, and braces for every joint and my back. I prefer the copper one’s, but compression helps me keep going when I would otherwise be laying on heat all day. Start with one or two inexpensive sleeves and figure out what you like and what works for you, then build your stockpile from there. At this point, 20 years in, I could open my own store!!

Handheld Muscle Massager 

I have several different versions of handheld muscle messagers. A couple small ones that I can use to target specific trigger points and are easier to use if my hands or wrist are hurting. Then I have a larger one I use for larger muscle groups like thighs, hips, and back. I have  Myofaciale Pain Syndrome  where your muscles get knots in them. The only way I have found to relieve the pain and release these knots is deep pressure Massage, trigger point release, or using these powered muscle massagers to release the knots. Also, tens units work quite well, I have 2 of those. Invest in a small inexpensive one to start and if they help graduate up to the larger ones. That is unless your one of those very fortunate people who can afford a massage every week or two.

Television, Netflix, DVD’s

I love television and movies! When things were really bad and I’m was stuck in bed all the time, T.V. and movies were my escape. I like to keep up on current events, I have tons of my favorite movies on DVD or Blu-ray that I watch over and over, and Netflix is so great because you have unlimited movies, television shows and series to watch. Even now that I’m able to be up and around and work when I have a bad day or week these are always a great escape. I had bronchitis this past winter and I was down for a month. Had it not been for T.V., movies, and Netflix I would have gone crazy! Even if I just need a break or on gloomy days a movie fix is always a good idea.

There you have them. My Top 10 List of favorite products that help me survive Chronic Illness, it’s not an extensive list at all, but some things that get me through. What are yours? Give me your suggestions in the comments.

Top 10 List of my favorite products that help me survive Chronic Illness (Part 2)

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