Manage The Arthritis Pain Effectively With Exercises By: Ashley Smith

Arthritis causes severe pain and stiffness to the affected joints. People with this condition find it hard to do their regular tasks with ease. It is because their affected parts become stiff and painful. Sometimes, the pain becomes severe, and the person feels helpless to do any movement. Dealing with arthritis is difficult, as it restricts the flow and reduces mobility eventually.

According to NCBI, “Almost 50 million (22.2%) adult Americans over 18 were diagnosed with arthritis in 2007–2009, most prominently osteoarthritis and the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. A projected increase to 67 million is anticipated by 2030 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2010).

It is clear that when you are in severe pain, you will want to avoid even the small movements and do rest. Besides, we fear that if we push, it will extend the pain. Therefore, we ignore it to the maximum possible extent. However, the truth is that the more you move, the less pain you will have later on. Yes, you read that right. Doing some physical movements can relieve the stiffness of the affected joints and lessen the soreness thereof. Normally, physically active people are healthier, happier, and live longer than those who are inactive and unfit. Moreover, if you start a proper exercise regimen, then it can benefit you immensely.

Exercise is the key to relieving the pain. In the beginning, surely, you will find it difficult to do those physical movements. However, eventually, you will feel more relieved. It is because the physical actions enable the affected joints to increase their range of motion, thereby increasing their flexibility.

You can effectively fight back against the arthritis pain by doing some light exercises.  We know that it is easier said than done. However, you can always try to motivate yourself to push towards a healthy life by exercising properly.

Let us take a look at some significant tips that will motivate you to indulge in physical activities to curb the arthritis pain effectively.

Always Think About The Ultimate Results

Motivating one’s self for doing exercise in even little pain becomes intimidating. However, you need to keep in the mind that you will immensely benefit from doing these physical activities. Ultimately, it is going to lessen your pain and relieve you from the anxiety of your condition. Therefore, whenever you do not feel like getting up from your bed, tell yourself that a pain-free life is waiting for you ahead.

Find A Workout Buddy

Working out with a partner can make it easier for you stick to your fitness routine. If you know someone is expecting you, you are going to show up. Moreover, having a partner can make your workout sessions fun. Being in the company of a friend, you can together achieve your fitness goals. Also, if your buddy is at the same level in fitness, then it becomes easier to exercise together, and you have someone to look for you in the case of an emergency as well. Exercising will effectively relieve your arthritis pain, and help you regain your confidence and independence.

Join A Class

If you find it difficult to continue your fitness routine, then you can also think of joining some exercise class. Working out in a group can highly motivate you to cross new levels in your fitness. Moreover, having people with similar health conditions around you can encourage you in your journey to a pain-free life. You can try joining classes that help people with arthritis achieve their fitness goals. It will help you take inspiration from the crowd that sails in the same boat as yours. Once you get going, you will enjoy your workout sessions. Besides, if you have aerobic sessions, it can add fun. So, get up and get going to your class.

Be Realistic

It is to be understood that you cannot start your fitness routine by running marathons. When you are suffering from arthritis pain, your primary aim should be to relieve the pain, increase mobility, and range of motion. Therefore, however, you are excited to undertake your fitness routine, you should always take small steps towards success. Start with light exercises and movements, and continue them for weeks. You can gradually increase them or bring variations. Start with 10-20 minute exercise routine, and include a set of exercises, your doctor or physical therapist has recommended. Then, bring some variations to your routine.

Consult A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is one of the best solutions for relieving aches and pains. Physical therapists thoroughly examine your pain and determine the causes. Then, they design the most suitable treatment plan that consists of the most relevant therapies, exercises, and training programs. They dedicate themselves to help you achieve a pain-free life.

According to Active Kare Physical Therapy, “Arthritis affects the cartilage of joints and most pain is due to wear and tear. However, the uneven wear and tear cause cartilage debris to shave off into the joint causing painful inflammation. This condition is made worse by a tightening of the tissue of the joint, loss of muscle strength supporting the joint and altered movement because of the range of motion problems.

Do What You Like

When you are already in pain and plan to exercise to relieve it, then do not do the ones that you don’t enjoy. In other words, make sure the exercises you do, you enjoy them. Yes, you read that right. It is because if you start doing the physical movements that you don’t like, then it is likely that you may end up doing it in two days.

Therefore, it is advisable that you do the exercises you enjoy, and it will also affect your pain effectively.

Positively Fight Out The Pain

You are not alone who is suffering the arthritis pain. There are millions of people worldwide who are sailing in the same boat. Nothing is impossible if you have a strong determination. You can effectively relieve arthritis pain with the most suitable and recommended exercises and rehabilitation.

Fighting with pain and health condition can take a toll on your overall health. However, you can successfully live a pain-free life if you follow your doctor’s and physical therapist’s instructions.

Manage The Arthritis Pain Effectively With Exercises By: Ashley Smith

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