Journaling your way to Health

Journaling is something I’ve always wanted to succeed at but have never mastered! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared a journal, always with the best of intentions, but I get a week or maybe a month into it and life gets busy and I find my journal a year later and feel disappointed in myself. This time I think I may succeed and here’s why…

The new tend in journaling is bullet journals and this may just be my journaling salvation. Every time I’ve stared journaling in the past, I feel like I have to fill at least a notebook page with meaningful words or sentences, not so with built journaling. There are so many ideas and different templates out there to help you start a bullet journal.

Now you may ask what does this have to do with health? Well a bullet journal is just that, a journal of bullet points of things you want to accomplish, things your thankful for, a un-do list (things you would like to un-do in your life), or things you like about yourself. How could this not be healing? A way to quickly jot down things you have running through your brain everyday but never take the time to contemplate.

If you jot down the thoughts rumbling around in your head everyday or why be that hard on yourself, every week or every month, all those thoughts become manageable bullet points that you can evaluate later. A built journal is something you can look back on and use as a tool to evaluate where you’ve been and where your headed. Putting your thoughts down in written word has a certain power about it that letting them rumble around in your head never will. A cathartic way of self-evaluation and self-talk that lets you look back with an older, hopefully wiser self to evaluate your feelings, plans, goals, or dreams.

There are lots of ideas and how to’s out there, that will give you themes and ways to start and mark bullet’s. That’s not my point in writing this, my point is to give you a way to sort out your thoughts and feelings; so that you can get things off your mind and give yourself a break. And let’s face, it a break is something we can all use and seldom give ourselves. We spend way to much time beating ourselves up and critiquing ourselves way to hard, for things we aren’t doing or for all the things on our of to do’s that aren’t checked off. A bullet journal may just be a way for all of us to give ourselves a at-a-boy for the things we have accomplished or the things on the to do list that we did check off.

Think about starting a bullet journal, maybe a to done list, things I like about myself,  encouraging quotes, or things I want to change in the next year, five years, or ten years. I encourage you to start “Give myself a break bullet journal”, and use it to do just that, give yourself a break and see just how healing that can be.

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We all have goals in life. My passion is Natural Health. I work as a Holistic Health Consultant/Coach and a blogger. It fits in so well with my passion, education, and desire to educate and help others live a healthy life style. But another reason why I love this type of business is that it can provide extra money to cover a few my expenses.

Journaling your way to Health

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