Insulin Resistance or Syndrome X: Natural Treatments

What is Syndrome X? You may not have heard of Syndrome X, but have you heard of Insulin Resistance? Or how about Pre-Diabetes? They are all the same condition and the common denominator is it’s the precursor to diabetes. The body becomes overwhelmed by insulin fluctuations and the cells become resistant to it. Blood sugar levels soar out of control, setting off damaging free radicals, Inflammation, and metabolic problems. The symptoms of Syndrome X usually go undetected by doctors for years, because the symptoms are so varied.

Symptoms of Syndrome X: 

* Family history of Type 2 diabetes

* Hypertension (high blood pressure – certain high blood pressure medications may mask symptoms)

* Poor Circulation

* Poor Immune response with frequent colds, flu, or candida yeast infections

* Obesity

* High cholesterol or Triglycerides

* Gestational diabetes

* Heart disease

* Polycystic ovaries (signs include irregular menstruation, acne, and obesity)

* Dyslipidemia (an abnormal ratio of fats and cholesterol in the blood)

* Acanthosis nigricans (darkened patches of skin at the neck, and sometimes the elbows, knees, armpits, and knuckles)

* An apple-shaped body (excessive weight around the mid-section) or a protruding stomach (a sign of liver enlargement)

Nutritional Therapies:

Avoid fried foods, caffeine, saturated and trans fats, alcohol, salt, sugary foods, and refined carbohydrates..

Focus diet on healthy proteins like seafood, fish (especially salmon), chicken, and turkey

Non-starchy vegetables

Whole grains, especially oats and oatmeal

Eat fruits in moderation until blood sugar is balanced


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) with your post-workout meal 500 mg to 800 mg

Gymnema Slyvestre 200 to 250 mg taken twice daily

Fenugreek Extract post-workout dose of 500 mg

Cinnamon Cassia Bark Extract 

Chromium 200 mcg per day

Omega-3 fatty acids



Insulin Resistance or Syndrome X: Natural Treatments

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