How a Few Simple Strategies Can Boost Health and Happiness By: Jennifer McGregor

Looking for easy ways to incorporate better health and happiness into your lifestyle? We’ve put together some ideas to keep you feeling better without having to use a lot of time or energy. Here’s how to give your quality of life a big boost with just a little effort.

Work in Some Workouts 

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Most of us are aware of how routine workouts can improve appearance, but it’s important to note that staying fit does more than keep you looking good. Scientific American explains that exercising has other important health perks, and in fact, it appears the more you workout, the more benefits you gain. Exercising can reduce risks for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. It’s also a chance to improve bone health and even seems to keep your brain healthier, thinking more clearly and better able to perform mental “gymnastics.”

To amp up these benefits, take your workout into nature. Being in green space appears to offer bonus perks, such as reduced stress, less risk for depression, and lower anxiety. With that in mind, think about adding something outdoorsy to your regimen, like hiking. One of the nice things about hiking is that you can participate all year long, and appropriate gear can keep you comfortable and on the go no matter what. For instance, to keep enjoying the trails through winter, the simple addition of crampons can make all the difference. Even when not on the trails, they can boost safety and are helpful to anyone navigating icy or snowy conditions. Whether walking your dog or just trying to get from the parking lot to the office, a good pair of crampons are a great way to avoid slips and falls; check this guide to find the best ones for you.

Soak Up Sunshine

While you’re taking in green space, make sure you expose some skin. According to Time, sunlight appears to offer mood-boosting properties, encouraging a more positive outlook and reducing stress and anxiety. And thanks to that orb in the sky, your body can make vitamin D, which is a heart-health essential. Sunshine also appears to help ward off issues like multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It’s even good for your digestion and joint health, discourages issues like psoriasis, and can help you sleep better at night. Some experts suggest five to 30 minutes in the sun with skin exposed, and otherwise advise wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Soothe Your Skin

Sunscreen is just one step in taking care of your skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ, and it performs important functions, such as protecting you from injuries and contaminants, regulating body temperature, and informing the brain of information it receives from touch. Taking good care of it makes sense, and Wellness Mamma suggests engaging in a natural skin care routine for optimal wellness. There are sugar scrubs to exfoliate, oils to cleanse, and options such as coconut oil and shea butter for moisturizing. What’s more, on the days you need a little extra pampering, you can make an event out of your skin-care routine by transforming it into an at-home spa day. Turn down the lights, brew some tea, play some relaxing music, and chill out while making sure your skin stays healthy and young.

Diet-wise, magnesium is a basic essential for healthy skin, and many American diets are insufficient in this nutrient. You can boost magnesium levels with a supplement, through topical applications, or by adding magnesium-rich foods to your diet, such as almonds, spinach, and avocados. Some studies indicate your skin also benefits from proper hydration.

Equate Water with Wellness

Are you drinking enough water? Many of us think of it as the ultimate plain-jane drink. However, water offers crucial health benefits you shouldn’t pass up. Your body is comprised of roughly 60 percent water, and hydration contributes to athletic performance, weight loss, and disease prevention. Drinking eight or so glasses per day can help maintain a positive mood, help you focus and problem solve, and prevent headaches. On days you workout, you should drink more, and for optimal health, seniors also should add more water to their daily intake.

Getting healthier doesn’t need to be a major undertaking. Get some exercise, spend time outside, take care of your skin, and drink plenty of water. These simple strategies can keep you looking and feeling your best without a lot of time or trouble.

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How a Few Simple Strategies Can Boost Health and Happiness By: Jennifer McGregor

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