Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and being a Supporter

Having been married to my best friend for 30+ years, living the dream, and all seems to be is going well. Our children are growing quickly and becoming well-rounded young adults and preparing to take on the world. But at the 18 years of marriage mark or so this beast of a disease called Fibromyalgia (fibro) came into our life and attacks my best friend. How is someone supposed to respond to that? Many run and hide, leave, walk away, but a few stay? All these are individual choices one has the option to make, concerning a relationship between two people. But why would anyone run out on their best friend, due to something out of their control, that threw a sucker punch and woke them up one day with this dreadful invisible disease that no one knows why, where, what, or who caused it. The doctors don’t believe them and are just now starting to accept the idea that Firbo is a legit disease. Doctors are starting to look for ways to help, but it is slow going. Every person with Fibro has different symptoms and everyone deals with them differently.

As the spouse of one of these beautiful ladies, who has had Fibro for over 18 years now, I’ve watching her struggle with the pain and swelling that gets to the point of even trying to walk is unbearable at times and much more. When I wake up in the morning or come home from work I never know who will be there to greet me, my beautiful wife or this monster that lives inside her called fibro. My support for her is unwavering and together we will find a way to beat this monster.
She uses natural methods and supplements that reduce the pain to some extent, but it is never gone. A good day for her is being able to ride our motorcycle for a couple of hours and then relax and not be in too much pain. A bad day is going from warm temps in the south, where we live, to cold temps in the north where our grandkids live. Her body gets wracked with pain and the temperature only changed 20 degrees! Her only choice is to rest and let the pain subside using heat and meds.

Now as the partner in all of this I wish I could just snap my fingers and fix it, just make the pain go away. That is what guys do, we are fixers! We have a hard time sitting back or standing on the side lines watching this game of the ups and downs pain attack our loved one and there is nothing we can do to fix it. The emotional pain that we go through as spouses, is difficult to deal with and hard to control without blowing up at our loved one who has done nothing to deserve this. Trust me I’m no saint, where this is concerned I have my days and nights and still do and always will until this monster is defeated.
So my recommendation to all of you out there who have a loved one with this nasty beast living inside of them, stay strong, stay pure, and love that special person the best you can. Because God gave them to you for reason and they are a gift from Him. You may never know the impact you have on another person’s life, whether it is your loved one or someone you meet along the way. Always try to be an encouragement to others, you never know what they are dealing with.

I get my strength from the Lord, daily, who provides all my needs, which allows me to support my loved one and encourage others who I meet. If you are wondering where to find out more information on living with Fibromyalgia please visit, there’s lots of information on all of this plus more. I will be glad to talk to or email anyone who is a spouse, parent or child of someone who is dealing with this monster we call Fibro. I would be happy to offer you more of my thought or ways that I have dealt with this beast living in my best friend for the last 18 years.

Arnold Clamon

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and being a Supporter

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