Do you ever feel like…that’s it I’m DONE!!!

I just can’t do this anymore, I’m done being tired! I’m done being sick! I’m done going to doctor after doctor, being poked and prodded and told it’s all in your head or there’s nothing else we can do for you. Or my favorite, you just need to learn to live with it and embrace your illness! To which I replied, “I don’t even have the energy to get out of bed!” The doctor’s reply? “There’s a lot you can do from bed these days, online and such!” What the heck, I’m barley in my forties and you’re sentencing me to the rest of my life in bed? I went home devastated, I wanted answers, reasons, solutions, not a sentence! I didn’t quit, I don’t know how…it’s in my DNA, literally right there in the DNA report it says, SHE NEVER QUITS! Lol 😂 She comes from a long line of non-quitters!! Like, A girl, who was an orphan in England, taken off the streets and sent to the new world, to Jamestown. Not only did she survive that horrible winter, but she live to be an old lady, wealthy in her own right! A woman on the Mayflower who left Europe and had a baby on the deck of the Mayflower! These are just a few of the ancestors that gave me this NEVER QUIT DNA and there are many, many more. So what was I to do? To stubborn to quit, to ill to fight, what was I to do?? Read on to see what I did!

I didn’t stop going to the doctors, but I did let them know on my first appointment, I am interviewing you to join my team and I will let you know what I decide. I would go to two or three or more, before I found one I would let be on my team! Because I decided it was my life, my body, and my team! I hired an assistant coach (my husband) to help me with a difficult “game”. Let’s face it, every coach needs an assistant and if the head coach is ill, the assistant coach is vital if you want to win! Sorry, football fan here, GO NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!! So I told him from now on you have to go to all doctors appointments with me, if I can’t play you’re in! You need to take over and insist we get a fair game! If you don’t have a patient advocate, get one! There are just to many times we are to sick and to tired and we need someone, who has our best interest at heart, to intercede for us. If you don’t have anyone in your life to fill that roll, you can hire a patient advocate that will work with you and the doctors to work out solutions and not just let you be blown off again!

So what else have I done? Being a Naturopath and a natural learner and teacher, I kept searching for answers! I have tried so many supplements, alternative therapies, diets, and so on…now for the first time in such a long time I’m starting to see a change! I still have bad days, yesterday was one. And yesterday I had a brunch with other military wives, I really wanted to go to. I miss my social life most of all, I’m a people person and not being around people much is so difficult for me. I hurt worse than normal and I was extremely tired yesterday, so I slept most of the day. One of the most important things I have learned over these past seventeen years, if your body tells you it needs or doesn’t need something LISTEN! That’s my best advice, it’s all about learning to hear your body, learning to do what it tells you, and learning it’s okay to do less, or like me yesterday nothing at all!

Some other things I do?


Take my afternoon medication. No brainer right? But I seem to always forget the midday doses and by the time I remember it’s too close to my evening dose. So I’ve made it a point to get them together the night before, put them in a daily reminder box beside my chair, so they are right there!

Exercise, I can’t tell you how many times my doctors have said exercise, my reply was always the same; “I’ve tried and even just 5 minutes of exercise puts me back on the couch or in the bed for days or weeks”. As much as I hate to admit it, they were right my body needs exercise. So I got a Vibration Platform Workout Machine, on the advice of my Chiropractor, it was relatively inexpensive and I can set the speed and time. It helps loosen and warm up my muscles so I can ride my Recumbent Cycle after. I don’t have to get on the bike with cold, stiff muscles and that’s big for me! I started doing each for five minutes, 5-6 times a week, which might not sound like much to “normal” people but for someone with chronic pain that’s BIG, REALLY BIG! I’m up to ten minutes on each after a month, I’m going especially slow increasing my time so not to through myself into a flare.

Eat right, for me that is the Optavia Program (here). It’s so easy, four fuelings one every 2-3 hours and two meals of protein and vegetables. I eat no gluten or sugar. Days like yesterday I am so thankful for the ease of the fueling, no muss, no fuss, just open and eat. And I know, unlike what I was eating before (crap), I am getting the right nutrition and all my vitamins and minerals. I’m “fueling” my body now, like putting premium gas in my car, instead of low-grade regular gas and that is making a huge difference in how much energy I have and I’m loosing weight too. I’ve lost fifteen pounds in 3 weeks!! Something I never thought possible. I’m so passionate about this program, I became a Health Coach, to offer others what I’ve found! I so want everyone, especially my friends with chronic illness to feel better and love your body again.


Everyday I take:

A multi vitamin and mineral supplement

Turmeric for inflammation

B-Complex Vitamin for energy

Calcium I’ve had four bad falls this year and not a single broken or fractured bone! (Guess it’s working)

Vitamin D since those of us with chronic illness don’t get out in the sun much

Probiotic for digestive balance and immune support

Flaxseed Oil Capsules for my Omega 3-6-9 (I hate fish and fish Oil Capsules make me burp fish smell and taste 🤢

LiverCare to help my liver cleanse itself

Zinc to boost my immune system

CBD Oil for Pain control

This may seem like a lot, but for me the proof is in the pudding.

Complementary treatments:

Chiropractic once every two weeks

Massage Therapy once a month

Yoga daily (5-6 times a week)

Spending time with loved one’s and my pets

Writing my blog and Health Coaching for a healthy mind. It keeps my thoughts busy and feeds my spirit, being a contributing part of society and not a drain. Crafts, drawing, playing music, etc might be what works for you. If you don’t know what feeds your mind and spirit start kissing some “frogs”! (You have to kiss some frogs, before you find the handsome prince) more Ideas here ()

Getting rid of stinkin’ thinkin’, also part of the Optavia program, being aware of your emotions, being satisfied with my choices, evaluating my mood and energy daily, and spending time reducing stress

These are the things that are working for me. I sincerely hope it gives you some ideas to implement in your life! And as always, I’m here if you have questions, concerns, or want more information. I never charge, for a consultation or Health evaluations. Like I said, I love helping others and watching them live a Bigger Life, than they ever thought possible!

Do you ever feel like…that’s it I’m DONE!!!

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