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Elizabeth Clamon: Coach

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I love sitting beside a woman as she takes the obedient and often scary steps forward into her God-given purpose. I love helping her walk out the fear and uncertainty encouraging her to step into her calling and not to quit when the going gets tough. 

If you crave in-depth and personalized encouragement, click on the link below to book a discovery call. On your free one-hour call you and I will get to know each other, determine if coaching is a good fit, and define a plan for moving forward. 


As a speaking coach, I help women express their thoughts confidently and clearly, improve their stage presence, perception, and persuasiveness before audiences of all types.

My Speaker Success Program also helps you establish a successful speaking business, including all the components of establishing yourself as an expert and setting up your business for success. 


This is a Comprehensive thirteen-week program for $2997

Transformational Christian life coaching involves helping people better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes. Instead of changing how you act, however, a transformational Christian life coach, helps you work on changing the way you see yourself in light of Biblical truths.

This involves changing the way you think and behave in the light of who God says you are, by improving your self-image, perception about yourself, as well as, overcoming limiting beliefs. 


Booked at Hourly Rate Below (minimum of four sessions)

Get up every day Striving to Thrive in life and not just survive another day. Poor health is not always just physical, the main cause of many illnesses is a combination of factors.

It is vitally important that we take care of our health so that we can accomplish everything God has called us to do. Good health is a balancing act, like so many things in our lives we must find the balance between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

As a Naturopath and student of Psychology, Elizabeth consults with clients to overcome illness and strive towards optimal health. 


Booked at Hourly Rate Below (minimum of four sessions)

VIP Coaching

Spend the day working with Elizabeth

If you’re in need of some more intensive coaching, I would love to spend the day with you.
Before your coaching, you’ll have a pre-coaching call to help me prepare for your individual session and make the takeaways as tangible as possible.

The format will be the same as the coaching calls:
You’ll complete the pre-coaching homework, come with your list of questions, be prepared for my questions, and you’ll leave with tangible takeaways and actionable steps.

You’ll receive detailed notes from your VIP coaching session to use long after the end of our day.

We’ll spend all day together, starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm EST.

I’ll buy you coffee and lunch, and you’ll cover your own travel and lodging if you’re not local.

Cost $799

The same format as Full Day Coaching

We’ll spend an afternoon together, starting at noon and ending at 4 pm EST.

I’ll buy you coffee and lunch, and you’ll cover your own travel and lodging if you’re not local.

Cost $439
Individualized coaching customized to your specific needs

Book your coaching in one-hour blocks according to what you feel your specific needs are. Coaching is done via Zoom in one-hour blocks, a minimum of four sessions.

Cost $129