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Elizabeth Clamon: Coach

Hi, I am Dr. Elizabeth Clamon

I am an expert storytelling coach. I help authors, speakers, businesses, who struggle with generating sales because their message is getting lost and not moving people to action.

I also work with individuals who are suffering from chronic illness, who want to get to the root cause of their illness by telling their story and discovering the triggers in their story and the roadblocks to their healing.

When you work with me you become an expert storyteller, you learn to use storytelling to generate endless supplies of leads, become abundant in sales because great stories sell, great stories make a memorable impact, great stories have the power to heal, and great stories inspire people to action.

If growing your business or healing through great storytelling is something that interests you please fill out the contact form below. I would love to send you my free Expert Storyteller Blueprint or talk with you in a WOW! Expert Storytelling Sessions to explore how great storytelling can increase your business or help your illness


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                  Spend a whole, or half, day with Elizabeth learning the art of story telling.
                  Elizabeth will buy lunch and coffee. You just need to get yourself to where she is and be
                  ready to laugh, learn, and share great stories.



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