Brain Power; Improved Memory, concentration, mood, and more

With tens of billions neurons and more than a billion cells, our brains are a million times more powerful than any computer. In fact them some scientists say that human brain is the most complex computer in the universe. It has been speculated that brain cells do not regenerate, but research reveals people actually do produce new brain cells well into adulthood. The brain makes up less than 3% of body weight, but uses over 25% of our oxygen, more than 25% of the glucose, and 20% of our blood supply. Research shows high levels of stress hormones stunt new human brain cell development, while ample levels of serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone enhances it. The brain is our primary health managing organ, and it’s incredibly sensitive. We can see that damage to a small part of the brain has devastating consequences, we see this clearly in stroke patients, Parkinson’s disease, and concussions in athletes.

So does your brain need a power boost?

Do you feel mentally foggy, spacey, or slow? Have you lost the ability to concentrate?

Do you frequently have unexplained depression, gloominess, or bad moods?

Have you lost the ability to remember well or for a reasonable length of time?

Do your muscles respond more slowly than usual? Is your muscle coordination off? Do you feel anxious or paranoid?

Do your nerves feel raw and on edge no matter how much sleep you get?

Are you often tired for no physical reason?

Do you cry is unexpectedly and often for no explainable reason?

If you answered YES to any of those, here’s some helpful tips!

Nutritional Therapies:

Get plenty of Omega-3 oils. Good sources are spinach, arugula, and other Leafy greens, fish, selfish, and plenty of DHA and EPA oils, sprouts, eggs, olives, flaxseed oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds, cantaloupe, and beans are other good food sources of EPA’s.

Drink plenty of water

Avoid saturated fats and trans fats

Insufficient protein, potassium, and other minerals cause brain burnout

Increase antioxidants to boost brain activity (drink green or white tea, a glass wine with dinner, eat eggplant.

Lifestyle Support:

Get plenty of sleep, even a few hours of sleep deprivation can cause memory problems

Build more brain circuits by reading and playing mental games do crossword puzzles

Deep breathing exercises work wonders

Don’t eat a low-fat diet. Low fat diets can rob your body of crucial omega-3 fats, especially DHA, the primary building block for your brain, heart tissue, and eyes. Your memory, attention span, focus, and learning ability will suffer. So will your vision and cardiovascular health.

Chronic stress causes elevated cortisol which damages the hippocampus so de-stress.

Alcohol and tobacco inhibits the brains release of vasopressin, impairing memory, attention, concentration, and increase the need of neurotransmitter replenishment


Choose 2 to 3 recommendations.

Boost Neurotransmitter connections: with Choline 600 mg, Tyrosine 3 g daily, Evening Primrose oil 3 to 4 daily; for bad moods, add 5-HTP 50 mg at night, also helps with sleep

Enhance brain blood flow: by taking Ginkgo Biloba extract 3 times a day, Ginger-Cayenne caps 4 times daily, and Magnesium 800 mg daily

Sharpen your memory: by taking DHEA with Pregnenolone to boost memory, try aromatherapy oil’s for the brain; Peppermint, Rosemary, (apply to temples) Frankincense, and Vanilla

B vitamins are for brainpower: take B Complex Vitamins 150 mg with extra Niacin, and B6 250 mg, sublingual active B12 2500 mcg daily

Antioxidants boost brain energy and targets inflammation: Glutathione 100 mg daily for inflammation, Alpha Lipoic Acid neutralizes toxins, and recycles Glutathione, Vitamin C 4000 mg daily to reduce cortisol, Acetyl-L-caritine 1000-2000 mg a day to repair and energize the brain, CoQ10 200 mg with Vitamin E 400IU for best results

Brain Power; Improved Memory, concentration, mood, and more

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