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I help authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and brands to create and tell their stories so that they build awareness, build relationships with the people they’re are telling their story to, because let’s face it, stories are the best way to connect with your audience, to build a relationship and to be vulnerable. I also work with people who have suffered traumas heal by telling their story.

I talk about that in my book, When you have Beauty, Rising from Brokenness.
suffered childhood traumas or early adulthood traumas, sometimes those
traumas can trigger limiting beliefs because you believe a lie about yourself.
It can also trigger chronic illness. That’s something called ACEs, Adverse
Childhood Experiences. Those traumas, if not dealt with can trigger chronic
illness later in your life. Many auto-immune illnesses, eating disorders, and
things like that are triggered by traumas that we suffered earlier in our lives.
Sometimes before we were ever even conscious that we were suffering a
trauma. So what I do with people in storytelling is I help them create and
write their story. Then it depends on what they want to do with their story. If
they want to use that story to write a book, I help them put that together in a
meaningful, organized way, and help them publish their book.
I also do collaboration books where they can write a small part of their story
in a chapter and put it in a collaboration book that I publish. I do those twice a
year in July and December. My book coming out in July 2021, is for
entrepreneurs to tell about their journey and in December, my book is a
Christian based book with Christian stories based on the fruit of the spirit. If
you are interested in telling your brand story, we sit down and we write out
what the story of your brand is. How did it start your business, why did it start,
who do you serve? Then we craft a story around your brand, and you’re able
to go out and tell your brand story, which helps people connect with you and
connect with your brand and it makes you and your brand memorable. My
favorite example of this is Mike, the My Pillow Guy, every one of his
commercials is a mini-story.
It’s a short story, but it connects you to that product that he makes. So, every
time you hear it, or you think about it, or you see a pillow, you think about
Mike, that My Pillow Guy, that is the whole purpose. He has a brand story
and he builds on that story every time he does a new commercial. If you think
about that, that’s what brand storytelling is. I also help prepare speakers or
people who are going on podcasts, TV interviews, radio, or stage to craft and
tell their story in whatever condensed form that they need to tell it in.
Sometimes you have 10 minutes, sometimes you have 20, sometimes you
may only have 30 seconds and you don’t know what to put in, what to leave
out, how to put it together, or how to connect with your audience. I teach you
all of those things, so that it helps you build and tell your story.
I have a group coaching class on Thursdays, and one-on-one coaching as
well. You can find out more about that on my website,
Go to the coaching page and it will give you all the information so, you can
reach out to me, or email me at [email protected], you can
reach out to me through social media, I’m on all the social media platforms.
I’ll also put all those links in the comments below.
You are going to want to know how to build and craft your story, to sell your brand, to sell yourself as a speaker or an author, or to heal from What do you want to know? Book a FREE Expert Storytelling Session to explore ways you can share your story with the world

What do you want to learn about storytelling?

What can I do for you? How can I teach you? How can I help you? How can I
mentor you? How can I coach you? In these post you’re going to get free
training every week and in my Facebook group, you’re going to get free
training every week.
I would love to connect with you and help you bring your story to life and then
bring your story to the world. So until next week, I’m Elizabeth Clamon and
I’m wishing you the superpower of the Expert Storytelling, so that you can
know how to craft and tell the perfect story for you. Book a FREE Expert Storyteller Session  so we can see how I can help you share your story!
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Becoming an Expert Storyteller

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