Aroma Therapy (Part 3)

If you are unfamiliar with the use of essential oils please see my first post on Aromatherapy Aromatherapy what is it and what is it used for (posted April 7, 2017) and my second article Aroma Therapy 2

Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils and other aroma compounds for improving psychological and physical well being and can even keep your house clean without all the chemicals!

Types of application

The types of application of aromatherapy are:
Air diffusion for environmental fragrancing or aerial disinfection, usually in a
Inhalation for respiratory disinfectant, decongestant, as an expectorant as well as for psychological effects.
Topical applications for massage, in baths, compresses, and therapeutic skin care

In this article we are going to share how to use essential oils for cleaning. If your like me, I have terrible asthma and Fibromyalgia, the smells of commercial chemicals cleaners makes me terribly sick, so these work really well for me.


Clay sage, myrrh, peppermint, sage, thyme


Grapefruit, lemon*, sage*, Add the following number of drops to a bowl of water: 10 Lavender, 20 Thyme, Eucalyptus, 5 Oregano.  Use o disinfect small areas, for larger areas double or triple recipe.

Housecleaning :

Fir and Lemon, and Spruce work well for polishing furniture and cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchen. You can either put a few drops of Lemon Oil on a dust cloth or add 10 drops to a squirt bottle, set to mist, spray and wipe away with dry dust cloth. Lemon Oil is terrific for dissolving gum and grease.


A couple drops of Lemon Oil in dishwater make your dishes sparkle and leaves your kitchen smell great!!


Adding oil/oils to washer can increase antibacterial benefits, and your clothes come out of the dryer smelling wonderful. Try addin Lavender, Chamomile, and/or Marjoram to loads of bedding and pajama’s to help you relax and sleep soundly. Add Eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, Lemongrass, and/Or peppermint to loads to help you stay awake and alert during the day.


If you are suffering from a specific illness and would like to know specific things you can do to treat yourself, please feel free to Instant Message, call, text, or email me, I will be happy to help! 

Aroma Therapy (Part 3)

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