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Elizabeth is an expert storyteller, renowned speaker, #1 international best-selling author and founder of Relentless Hearts Ministries, The Clamon Group, LLC, & The Expert Storyteller’s Academy. With a degree in Naturopathy and having studied Psychology at Louisiana Baptist University she has always been passionate about inspiring others to grow and heal holistically, in mind, body and spirit. One of the ways she does that is by helping them tell their story, she believes storytelling is a powerful tool for healing. Elizabeth is a serial entrepreneur with a servant’s heart. She has built multiple successful businesses while moving all over the United States, raising three children, often on her own while her husband was deployed in the military and earned her doctorate degree. In her first solo book, Beauty Rising from Brokenness; Journey through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness into Healing, a number one bestseller, she tells her story like only she can. In her latest book, she has compiled (and authored) stories from remarkable women and men who leaned on their faith to get them over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She is no stranger to life’s challenges herself. She has survived a traumatic, abusive childhood, chronic illnesses & severe pain, caused by multiple disabling auto accidents, one that left her bedridden for 12 years!

Elizabeth has been called a” force of nature powered by the Holy Spirit”. Giving up is not an option for her. She loves to say QUIT is not in her DNA because God has work for her to do. Elizabeth and her husband, Arnold (a Colonel in the US Air Force) raised three beautiful children to adulthood and are now thoroughly enjoying being

grandparents to their four grandchildren, number five, her namesake, due in less than a month. She currently lives in North Carolina but will always call Louisiana home. Her dream is to travel the United States with her husband, their dog Addie, and his five cats speaking, writing, doing book tours, and coaching. Then expanded her speaking overseas.




Christian, Motivational Speaker

Health, Wellness, and Life Coach/Consultant

Military Moving Expert

Retired Homeschooler after 23 years of Hard Labor

Childhood Abuse Survivor

Guest Podcaster and Author


Cajun/Southern Chef

Key Supporter/Family Readiness Volunteer (Military spouse organizations)

DNA Sleuth

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